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R11142 - 3/8"-16 Shoulder Bolt Replaces AYP 184219 R11142 - 3/8"-16 Shoulder Bolt Replaces AYP 184219

Replaces OEM#: AYP/ROPER/SEARS 137644, 182419, 184219, 193406
CUB CADET, MTD, TROY BILT 738-3056, 938-3056
HUSQVARNA 532137644, 532182419, 532193406, 532184219
Fits deck wheels on riders 2003 and up.
Overall Length: 3-5/8"
Shoulder Length: 2-5/8"
Thread: 3/8"-16

Our Price: $1.95
532085902 AYP Husqvarna Retainer Spring 532085902 AYP Husqvarna Retainer Spring

Replaces Husqvarna 85902, 532124670

Our Price: $1.99
132827 AYP Shoulder Bolt 132827 Genuine AYP Shoulder Bolt


Our Price: $2.50
710-0347 Genuine MTD Hex Screw 3/8-16 X 1.75 710-0347 Genuine MTD Hex Screw 3/8-16 X 1.75

* This part replaces: 01000512, 1100086, 1509-098, 159046, 1908672, 312322, 706-13897-28, 710-3037, BN-Z24012, DR-4001-39, GW-1100086, GW-37003, GW-B1100086, GW-W02050613, GW-WO2050613, IH-180128, YS-710-0347
Fits Models:
Bolens- 13A1762F065, 13A1762F265, 13AC762F065, 13AM761F065, 13AM761F265, 13AM762F065, 13AM762F265, 13AM762F765, 13W1762F065, 13W1762F265, 13WC762F065, 13WC762F265
Brute- 13AL795T057
Columbia- 13AC26JD897, 13AC76GF897, 13AC77GF897, 13AC77KF897, 13AN79GF897, 13AN89GS897, 14AQ94KP897, 17AF2ACK897, 17AF2ACP897, 31AH54K3897, 31AH55K4897, 31AH55K5897, 31AH9574897, 31AH9575897, 31AH9576897, 31AH9774897, 31AH9775897, 31AH9776897, 31AM53K2897, 31AM63K2897
Craftsman- 12A-764M099, 12AE764H099, 12AE764Y099, 12AE76JU099, 13A277SS099, 13A277SS299, 13A277XS099, 13A277XS299, 13A278XS099, 13A278XS299, 13A-344-799, 13AD78XS099, 13AJ77SS099, 13AL78ST099, 13AL78ST299, 13AL78XT099, 13AL78XT299, 1379SS099, 13AN771S099, 13AN771S299, 13AN77SS099, 13AN77SS299, 13AX79ST099, 13AX79ST299, 13B226JD099, 13B226JD299, 17AF2ACK099, 17AK2ACP099, 17AK2ACS099, 17AL3AGV099, 31A-62BD799, 31AW5HTG799, 31AH54SG793, 31AH54TG799, 31AH55TH793, 31AH55TH799, 31AH5WTG799, 31AH95SI799, 31AH976J799, 31AH97SJ799, 31AH9J6I799, 31AH9J6J799, 31AM53TF799, 31AM62EE799, 31AM63TF799, 31AS53SF793, 31AS53TF799, 31AS62EE799, 31AS63EE793, 31AS63EE799, 31AS63TF799, 31AS6BCE799, 31AS6DTF799, 31AS6HEG799, 31AS6WE799, 31BH54TG799, 31BH55TH799, 31BH95SI799, 31BH97SJ799, 31BM62EE799, 31BM63TF799, 31BS62EE799
Gold Series- 13AD698G300, 13AD698G722, 13AF698G722, 13AT618H300, 14AG808H722, 14AT808H722, 31AE6AHE722, 31AE6BHE722, 31AE6BHE723, 31AE6GLF723, 31AE6LLG722, 31AE6LLG723, 31AH6LKH722
Huskee- 13A276LF031, 13AC76LF031, 13AD771G731, 13AJ771G031, 13AJ771G231, 13AJ771S031, 13AJ771S231, 13AJ791G731, 13AL608G731, 13AM771F731, 13AN771G731, 13AP698G731, 13AR608P731, 13AS608H731, 13AX775H031, 13AX775H231, 13AX791T031, 13AX795G031, 13BX775H031, 13CS608H731, 13W276LF031, 13W2771S031, 13W2771S231, 13W2775S031, 13W2775S231, 13WC76LF031, 13WC76LF231, 13WJ771S231, 13WV771S031, 13WV771S231, 13WX791T031, 14AI808H731, 14AR808K731, 14AT808H731, 14BR808K731, 31AE6GKG731, 31AE6KKH731, 31AH64FG731, 31AM62EE731, 31AS62EE731, 31AS6ACD731, 31AS6BEE731, 31AS6DEG731, 31AS6FEG731, 31BS6FEG731
Huskee Supreme- 13AB606H730, 13AJ795G730, 13AM762F031, 13AP625K730, 13AR606P730, 14AP805K730
MTD- 31AM62EE706, 31AM63EF706, 31AM63FF706, 31AS62EE706, 31AS63EE706
MTD Gold- 13AA625P004, 13AA925P004, 13AJ771G004, 13AJ771G204, 13AJ771S004, 13AJ795G004, 13AJ795G204, 13AJ795S004, 13AL771H004, 13AL771T004, 13AL795H004, 13AL795S004, 13AL795T004, 13AP925P004, 13AX771S004, 13AX771T004, 13AX795S004, 13AX795T004, 17AC2ACG004, 17AD2ACP004, 17AE2ACG004, 17AF2ACK004, 17AF2ACP004, 17AF2ACS004, 31AH55LH704, 31AH5ZLH704, 31AH65LG704, 31AH6ZLG704, 31AM62KE704, 31AM63KE704, 31AM63LF704, 31BM62KE704, 31BM63LF704, 31CM62KE704
MTD Pro- 13AO791G718, 14AI808H718, 31AE5KLF795, 31AE5MLH795, 31AE6GFF795, 31AE6GLF795, 31AE6LFH718, 31AH64EG795, 31AH64FG795, 31AH65FH795
Mastercut- 13AD775S059, 13AJ775G059, 13AJ775S059, 13AJ795G059, 13AJ795S059, 17AE2ACG059
Murray- 13A326JC058, 13AC76LF058, 13AL795T058, 13AM772S058, 13AM775S058, 13AM77LS058, 13AN772S058, 13B326JC758, 13BC76LF058, 17AC2ACS058
Private Label- 13AQ608H131, 13AZ608H131, 13BS608H131, 14AI808H131, 14AR808K131
Ranch King- 13AD618G705, 13AF618G705, 13AG618G705, 13AQ611H705, 13AT618G705, 13AU618H705, 13AX611H705, 14AK811P705, 14AZ818H705
Troy-Bilt- 12A-754B766, 12AE763Z011, 12AF753B766, 12AF754B766, 12B-753B766, 13A278KS066, 13A279KS066, 13AA92KP066, 13AA93KP066, 13AL78KT066, 13AM77KS066, 13AN779G766, 13AN77KG011, 13AN77KG066, 13AN77KG211, 13AN77KS011, 13AN77KS066, 13AN77KS211, 13AN77TG711, 13AN77TG766, 13AO77TG766, 13AP60TP766, 13AP61KP011, 13AV60KG011, 13AV60KG066, 13AV60KG211, 13AV77KF066, 13AV78KS066, 13AX60TG766, 13AX61KG011, 13AX79KT011, 13AX79KT066, 13B226JD066, 13BC26JD011, 13BC26JD066, 13BC26JD211, 13BX60TG711, 13BX60TG766, 13BX79KT011, 13BX79KT211, 13CC26JD011, 13WC26JD211, 13WM77KS011, 13WM77KS211, 13WN77KS011, 13WN77KS066, 13WN77KS211, 13WQ92KP066, 13WQ93KP011, 13WV77KF066, 13WV78KS011, 13WV78KS211, 13WX79KT011, 13WX79KT066, 13WX79KT211, 13YX79KT011, 13YX79KT211, 14AA80TP711, 14AA80TP766, 14AP80TP766, 14AT809H766, 14AZ809K766, 17AA5AAG766, 17AA5ABP766, 17ADCACT066, 17AE2ACG011, 17AE2ACG066, 17AE2ACG211, 17AF2ACP011, 17AF2ACP066, 17AF2ACP211, 17AF2ACP711, 17AF2ACP766, 17AFCACP011, 17AFCACP211, 17ARCACP011, 17ARCACS011, 17BE2ACG011, 17BE2ACG066, 17BE2ACG211, 17BF2ACP011, 17BF2ACP066, 17BF2ACP211, 17WF2ACP011, 17WF2ACP066, 17WF2ACP211, 17WF2ACS011, 17WF2ACS066, 17WF2ACS211, 17WFCACP011, 21A-630B063, 21A-630C063, 21A-630C766, 21A-634A766, 21A-634B063, 21A-634F063, 21A-634K711, 21A-634K766, 21A-640C711, 21A-640C766, 21A-643B011, 21A-643B066, 21A-643B711, 21A-643B766, 21A-643C211, 21A-643C266, 21A-643C711, 21A-643C766, 21A-643D766, 21A-644A711, 21A-644A766, 21A-645A711, 21A-645A766, 21A-64M1011, 21A-64M1066, 21A-644A766, 21A-65M1011, 21A-65M1066, 21A-662D066, 21A-662E266, 21A-662F066, 21A-662G266, 21A-662G766, 21A-663E766, 21A-663L066, 21A-663M266, 21A-664D063, 21A-664D766, 21A-665B766, 21A-675B766, 21AE662H066, 21AE662K766, 21AE662M066, 21AE663D266, 21AE663E066, 21AE663E766, 21AE666M766, 21B-643B011, 21B-643B066, 21B-643B766, 21B-643C211, 21B-643C266, 21B-643D766, 21C-644A211, 21C-644A266, 21C-644D211, 21644D266, 21C-64M1011, 21C-64M1066, 21C-654A266, 21C-654D211, 21C-654D266, 21C-655A766, 21C-65M1011, 21C-65M1066, 21D-644D211, 21D-644D266, 21D-64M1011, 21D-64M1066, 21D-64M7711, 21D-64M7766, 21D-64M8711, 21D-654D211, 21D-654D266, 21D-655A766, 21D-65M1011, 21D-65M1066, 21D-65M7711, 21D-65M7766, 21D-65M8711, 21D-65M8766, 24AD597D063, 24AD597D711, 24AD597D766, 24BL597D711, 24BL59M4066, 24BL59M5766, 31AE6GQ3711, 31AE6GQ3766, 31AE6KQ4766, 31AE6LO4766, 31AE7S75711, 31AH55Q5711, 31AH55Q5766, 31AH55R5711, 31AH5LQ5766, 31AH5SQ5711, 31AH5SQ5766, 31AH5ZQ5711, 31AH5ZQ5766, 31AH63N2011, 31AH63N2711, 31AH64Q4711, 31AH64Q4766, 31AH6KQ4711, 31AH6KQ4766, 31AH6WQ4711, 31AH6WQ4766, 31AH7L7466, 31AH95P6711, 31AH95P6766, 31AH9777766, 31AH97P7711, 31AH97P7766, 31AH9J77766, 31AM62N2711, 31AM62N2766, 31AM6393711, 31AM63P3766, 31AM73Q3766, 31AM73R3711, 31AM73R3766, 31AS62N2711, 31AS62N2766, 31AS63N2766, 31AS6BN2711, 31AS6BN2766, 31AS6GN3711, 31AS6GN3766, 31BM63P3711, 31BM63P3766, 31BM73Q3711, 31BM73Q3766, 31BM73R3711
White Outdoor- 13A-344-190, 13A6606H790, 13AJ616H190, 13B4516N190, 14AZ816P190
Yard Machines- 13A1760F700, 13A1762F020, 13A1762F029, 13A1762F229, 13A1762F700, 13A1762F729, 13A2775S000, 13A326JC700, 13A-344-700, 13A3760F700, 13A3761G700, 13A3762F700, 13A3771G700, 13A3791G700, 13A4065-000, 13A4065-700, 13A4065-729, 13AC762F000, 13AC762F020, 13AC762F052, 13AC762F200, 13AC762F729, 13AD618G726, 13AD695G700, 13AF618G726, 13AF695G700, 13AG601H729, 13AG618G706, 13AH762F052, 13AH762F752, 13AJ690G752, 13AJ775S000, 13AL771H029, 13AM762F052, 13AM762G752, 13AM772F000, 13AM772F700, 13AM772S000, 13AM775S000, 13AN771G729, 13AN772G000, 13AN772G029, 13AN772G200, 13AN772G700, 13AN772G729, 13AN772S000, 13AN775S000, 13AN775S200, 13AQ608H729, 13AT618G706, 13BC762F000, 13BN771G729, 13R1762F729, 13RC762F052, 13RL771H029, 13RL771H229, 13RN772G029, 13RN772G229, 13RN772G729, 14AZ818H706, 17AA5AAG700, 31A-62BD700, 31A-62EE729, 31A-63BD700, 31A-6ACE700, 31A-6BCD700, 31A-6BCE705, 31AE5MLG729,31AE6FFF700, 31AE6FFF752, 31AE6FHE706, 31AE6FHG705, 31AE6GLF722, 31AE6LFG700, 31AE6LHG705, 31AE6LLG705, 31AH62EE000, 31AH64EG700, 31AH64FG700, 31AH65FH700, 31AH6ZFH700, 31AH6ZFH729, 31AM62EE700, 31AM62EE752, 31AM62FE752, 31AM63EF700, 31AM63EF729, 31AM63FE752, 31AM63FF752, 31AS62EE700, 31AS63EE700, 31AS63EF700, 31AS63EF729, 31AS63N2711, 31AS6BCE752, 31AS6BEE700, 31AS6DEF700, 31AS6FCE700, 31AS6FEE729, 31AS6FEF700, 31AS6FEF729, 31AS6LCE700, 31AS6LEG700, 31AS6LEG752, 31AS6WEG700
Yard-Man- 13A2785S001, 13A-344-701, 13AC762F755, 13AC76LF055, 13AJ693G755, 13AM772G755, 13AM772S055, 13AN771G755, 13AN772G055, 13AN791G755, 13AN795S001, 13AO774H055, 13AO775G055, 13AO772S055, 13AO785T055, 13AP605H755, 13AP615P755, 13AT604G701, 13AT604G755, 13AT604H701, 13AT604H755, 13AT605H755, 13AT614H401, 13AT614H701, 13AT614H755, 13AU614H755, 13AU615P755, 13AX605G755, 13AX614G701, 13AX615G055, 13AZ614H401, 13AZ614H701, 13B-325-401, 13BT604G401, 13BT604H401, 13BT604H755, 13BX605G755, 13CX614G401, 13RC76LF055, 13RM772S055, 13RN772G055, 14CU804H401, 17AA554G755, 17AC2ACG055, 17AC2ACS055, 17AF2ACP001, 31AE5KLF701, 31AE5KLF801, 31AE5KLG801, 31AE6GLF701, 31AE993I401, 31AE993J401, 31AH65LG701, 31AM62KE701, 31AM63KE701, 31AM63LF701, 31AS63EE701

Our Price: $2.50
738-04091A Genuine MTD Shoulder Screw .43 x .29 x 5/16-1 738-04091A Genuine MTD Shoulder Screw .43 x .29 x 5/16-1

* This part replaces: 738-04091

Our Price: $2.50
532156941 AYP Husqvarna Pin Head Rivet 532156941 AYP Husqvarna Pin Head Rivet

Replaces AYP 156941X008

Our Price: $2.55
R12857 Wheel Bushing includes grease fitting replaces MTD 741-0990B R12857 Wheel Bushing includes grease fitting replaces MTD 741-0990B

Replaces MTD, Cub Cadet, Troy Bilt 741-0990, 741-0990A, 741-0990B
ID: 0.7600"
Includes grease fitting.

Our Price: $2.99
R442 Spindle Bearing Replaces MTD 941-0919A R442 Spindle Bearing Replaces MTD 941-0919A

Replaces (OEM): Agri Fab 42829
ARIENS 05412300, 54123
BEARING 6204DU, 6204RS, 62042RS
BOLENS 172-8225
HUSQVARNA 532129895, 738220419
MTD 741-0919, 941-0919, 941-0919A, 941-0919B
SIMPLICITY/ALLIS CHA 118011, 1652231, 1652231SM, 2118011, 2118011SM
SNAPPER/KEES 1-2828, 7012828, 7012828YP
TORO/WHEEL HORSE 251-297, 251-318
Fits our R8479 Spindle Shaft w/Hardware
Fits our R7155 MTD Spindle Assembly
Fits our R7156 MTD Spindle Assembly
Fits our R8479 MTD Spindle Assembly
Fits our R9288 MTD Spindle Assembly
Fits our R8967 MTD Short Spindle Assembly
Fits our R8468 MTD Long Spindle Assembly
HEIGHT: 9/16"
ID: 25/32"
OD: 1-27/32"

Our Price: $4.99
R484 - Spindle Bearing Fits many OEMs R484 - Spindle Bearing No. 9504-ZZ Fits many OEMs

Replaces OEM#: ARIENS 05412000, 54073, 54120
BOLENS 118-5828
CUB CADET 465003-R91
GRAVELY 35925, 5412000
JOHN DEERE 9266, JD9296
MASSEY FERGUSON 833-411-M1, 83341M1
SIMPLICITY/ALLIS CHA 108202, 2108202, 2108202SM, 536986, 7013313
SNAPPER/KEES 1-0696, 1-3313, 2108202SM, 7013313, 7013313SM
YAZOO 204-060
Used on our R7154 Shaft. Bearing No. 9504-ZZ.
HEIGHT: 19/32"
ID: 3/4"
OD: 1-25/32"

Our Price: $7.99
R9159  - .325-24 Ball Joint Assembly Replaces MTD 923-0448A R9159 - .325-24 Ball Joint Assembly Replaces MTD 923-0448A

Replaces OEM#: MTD, CUB CADET 723-0448A, 923-0448A
7/16"-20 FEMALE
3/8"-24 MALE

Our Price: $7.99
R12410 Deck Lift Cable Replaces MTD 746-0968 R12410 Deck Lift Cable Replaces MTD 746-0968

Replacesm OEM#: MTD 746-0968
LENGTH 17"."

Our Price: $9.99
R12622 - 3/4"-16 x 5.85" Blade Bolt Replaces Cub Cadet 710-04226 R12622 - 3/4"-16 x 5.85" Blade Bolt Replaces Cub Cadet 710-04226

Replaces Cub Cadet 710-04226, 710-1889
Fits LT1000 series riders and Cub Cadet 618-04123B spindle assembly.
For 38", 42", 46" & 50" decks.
Comes w/our R11963 spindle.

Our Price: $13.99